Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm Back..yup setelah sekian lama bersara dari dunia blogger..finally, I got time to write ..too many errands too little time...what is really happen?? time to Rebranding this more personal life will be discuss.. it's all about perspective....I'll share my thought regarding any issues...because, I'm 24!!!yup I'm a lady now..perhaps in my new blog, I''ll discuss about...
1. cooking, yup it's my passion
2. academic's boring!!but I'll share some information for us to work smart..
3. work out, currently I'm facing with kebuncitan, so if success I'll share to lose some weight.
4. Fashionista...I love fashion
5. politics..not too much but only perspective from Young Voters.
6. travelling..this year, I went so many interesting awesome places.
7. beauty and Make up...the best topic ever to share with the girls.
8. Healthy issues...
9. love love love...
10 Financial Issues..girls we always have the problem with "boros"
11. last but no least my faith which is Islam is my way of life...

the Teaser for the Rebranding of Izyan Ismail's Blog
Enjoy the reading...
Love Love Love,
Izyan Ismail

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