Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm 26 and still single

Yes, definitely this year I'll work harder to achieve some bucket list before i reach 30. 4 years to go. Umur makin berusia, makin lama makin banyak bucket list belum tercapai but firstly, enjoy the pic of my birthday celebration. 

With my only one Ironman Saga. The special props for my birthday sebab umur same with plate number. The "nikon inspired" tshirt is my birthday gift from my lovely fifi soulsister. Thanks syg ko muaaahhh. The scarf is from Noona Lace of course. 

Pre-celebration with my lovely sayang Huda.

Pre-celebration with my lovely personal Doctor, kawan lama dari SAMURA Dr.fadh,currently working at Hospital Serdang.

With my lovely family, berjaya bawak wan keluar... Wiwiwiiwi...wan ni memang susah nak keluar rumah, almaklumlah nenek I alls ni dah late 80s. 

Bodyguard of the Day ...lepaking high tea at our favourite place Chaiwalla.

Actually, birthday last month tapi atas sebab dasar kemalasan and feeling Princess so terlambat nak update. 
Next Mission is husband... Hahahha ke boyfriend?? Boyfriend dulu lah.. Husband cepat sangat.
Tersilap langkah kesian boyfriend kena reject ngn ayah pakai senapang gajah. Wiwiiwi..

P/S: next entry will be my bucket list before 30. 


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