Wednesday, October 28, 2009


After read the column from CLEO magazines November 2009 which entitled “The Seven Year Ditch”, it’s make me interested to comment this column and want to share with others about my BFF stories. So, in this column it said that women will change her Best Friend every 7 years determines by our social needs on that time. Hence, in my life i have several Best Friend which are of course woman, but i also have boy friend who is my Best Friend too but at the end their girl friend will jealous towards me, so pathetic to watch those girls who not trust her own bf.

My first BFF is Farawahidah Bt Mohamed, we had become BFF since i was form 1, same class with her, our family know each other and very glad to know her to be her friend. We have same dream which is we want to be a doctor and further our study at Royal College of Surgeon at Ireland, unfortunately it just a dream and we decided to choose our own career. Even though, after PMR we move on different school but doesn’t mean we not close anymore. Fara and i have different perception towards love, maybe i’m the one who easily to fall in love so it’s bring me a little difficult to said that, fara i have a new crush......for her, she will focus on her study and will think the Mr.Nice Guy when she working. She is adorable, so nice, polite and humble which is to describe her in 1 word she is very innocent that’s why i love her. If i have problem i will express my feeling to her, and she also a good listener. We grow up together, so maybe i’m very comfortable to share everything with her. Dear, Fara, thanks for being my lovely friends, love u!!!

Next, Nur Fadhilah Bt Ab Ghani take a place as my BFF during i were study in Sains Muar. To be honest, we are not so close at the first place but one day when we had spent time together, and we realize... waw we can be BFF!!! So, fadh had become my BFF and she love to encourage me, motivate and give her full support to me so i can achieve best result for my SPM. During study in Sains Muar, i am the one who very nerd, obey what teacher said, don’t break the rules and the one who very innocent...yeaks hate that when i remember it....fadh and i love to share our love story, our dream to become a doctor .....again!! But now Fadh further her study to become a doctor same with her hubby Azam, hope they can live happily ever after. If i met fadh the world just belong to us, we will not stop talking and love that so much. Moreover, with fadh i can share my expression towards love and that!!! So, before fadh and azam will further their studies at oversea i would like to spent more time with her .......

Last but not least, Fifi Aisya Maslini, how i would like to describe her??i met her when i was in part 1 during further my study in Bach. Mass Communications (Hons) Public Relations. We had create our own tag line which is SALSA (siapa layak selain aku), with her i become the type of person who knowledgeable about fashion, love, bitch woman, life and everything. We love shopping so much!!! We shop until we drop, she would like to share about her life story that will give values, with her i love to enjoy my life. As far as i concern, during SAMURA i become very nerd and now when i further my study as PR student, i had being explore to become extravaganza and have X-Factor. During, part 4 we had fight that make us not speak each other about 1 month because (it’s secret nobody will know it)....she is very caring like my sister even though i don’t have sister so i will let her be my sister....if we hang out together the world seems to be so nice with us, the world seems very supportive us in everything we do....and we always face the Loser girls that think we might take over their bf..very Loser!!!!

Therefore, i love my BFF so much, they make me so outstanding, they care about me, they love me, and everything.....Dear Fara, Fadh,Kak Fifi, thanks for being my friends, love you all may God bless you...thanks
Izyan Ismail


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