Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Noona Lace

Let me introduce my new project online shop "Noona Lace".
Basically, Noona lace is a Malaysia online shopping that features an up to date fabulous and classy fashion clothes for all curvy, beautiful and proud woman.
Kenapa dan mengapa "Noona Lace" ??? because Noona stands for nona in malay contoh panggilan  nona sayang, because I love korea pop culture so much Noona also has meaning in korean language means sister. 

So, Noona Lace is from woman for woman.

My mission for Noona Lace is to try my best to provide plus size clothes because I know its really difficult to get fabulous clothes with a plus size in market. I know because I love korean fashion but confirm tak ada size sebab semua size kecik cinonet!!! So, I try to help plus size woman to be fabulous and classy!! 

I'm wearing Dian Palazzo inspired by Batik printed, we can wear it with shirt, top, kebaya and others. 
The best part is Dian Palazzo fits from size M to XL, even my mum can wear it comfortably. Told you I try my best to ensure all women with all sizes satisfied with my clothes.  

For september collections Noona Lace sells Zara inspired flora cardigan and sangat berbaloi sebab fit all sizes from S to XL!!! 

So my darlings please visit and grab your favorite items at Noona Lace.


Yan Ismail


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