Friday, June 8, 2012

Do not be FOOLED by MegaSale

I have made a HUGE mistake which is I shopping at Jusco, yup maybe you all said that "it's okey Jusco also got sale"..BUT not all items you get discount...I went to Jusco yesterday to buy Clinique Cleanser and Moisturisers, so the Clinique girl said to me, if you shop here you will not get discount but if you shop at any PARKSON outlet, you will receive RM10 voucher for each RM100 you buy ...I was like ha????so the malas perempuan pon said..tak apa I beli kat sini je..Silly me..anyway below are the tips for financial management and where you should go to shopping??

1. Parkson of course you get voucher.
2. The Body Shop, they got sale up to 70% until 10th June
3. Starbucks, every Wednesday only for the member entitled to get 50% for the frappucino from 5.00pm till 7.00pm and for every Friday is for all entitled to get discount if you buy frappucino at the same time.
4. ONLY for UiTM student you get 50% discount for Root Beer and Float at A&W just flash our card only at the A&W restaurant Section 7 next to Petronas.
5. FOS warehouse sale at Bandar Bukit Pucong  until 10th June.

FOS Warehouse Sale at Bandar Baru Puchong.

so darling, do not be fooled by all the Mega Sale, think before you's all about money.
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

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