Friday, June 8, 2012

Brisbane, Australia Episode 2

this episode I'll share my experience when I visited Australia Zoo the Home of Crocodile Hunter, yup the zoo owned by late Steve Irwin, the host of Crocodile Hunter Show. The zoo is awesome place to visit, and wajib datang jika anda bercuti di Queensland, Australia. we start our journey early in the morning at 8.00 am and we reach around 9.30am..macam dari Shah Alam ke Seremban...
so I only pay AUD$47  for the one day trip plus AUD$2 for visit the wildlife Hospital, yup they have hospital for the animal...I'm using UITM student card and dekwa using his UIA student card...hallo diterima okey...and our parents using the Malaysia Pensioner Card....tersangat la jimat kami ni..

let the pic tell the story of the amazing visit

welcome to the Zoo 

see the "cuak" face...because I ni memang penakut kepada segala binatang..luckily the Aussie Man who wears orange t-shirt, his Nathan (maybe kot nama dia Nathan), his volunteer in the zoo, so he teach me how to pet the Koala...dah la kuku dia tajam kot...P/S: yes, Nathan is handsome...

finally the crocodile Hunter Show, but this guy tak sehebat Steve okey la untuk orang yang nak memberi makanan kepada crocodile yang terlampau besar ni

me with Steve Irwin...and the dress I bought in Direct factory Outlet Cotton On for AUD$10 muahahahaha...kat Malaysia berapa RM49?? kat sini RM30 je...

see, she hold my hand!!!! I love kangaroo because they are very gentle and manja...yeay, saya menjadi berani di Australia Zoo... 

ini Kangaroo tua, so air liur dia meleleh jer..yuksss...but yang muda tak rasa pon ada air liur diorang sedut all the foods..

Rombongan Ck Nah From Malaysia with Love..itu kereta kak Ngah..
cool kan plate number with her name EIZ13... 

the Wild Life Hospital...kesian semua binatang sakit kat sini..

okey any further information please visit.. think I can be the ambassador of Queensland la...semua nak promote kat sini...
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

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