Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEST Korean Restaurant...

surprisingly my post regarding resepi Kimchi  mencecah 10K viewers....okey so many people love KPOP ..and accept the Korean Popular Culture..and me too!!!so I'll share the best Korean Restaurant is The Street Cafe ..this is the amazing place..why?

1. bila u masuk je terus dengar muzik KPOP..cool
2. susun atur meja cantik
3. FREE Wifi
4. the worker from Korea
5. the food is awesome and don't worry it's pork free
6. if you all pergi time nak tutup kedai dalam 11.00pm..nanti terjumpa lah owner restaurant ni also from Korea and seriously memang handsome!!!!...

as usual enjoy the pic....

The Street cafe ni depan taylors college...and another franchise at Sunway Pyramid...

inside the cafe...boleh duduk atas kerusi or bersila..but I love bersila...feeling korea..

maps street cafe..

my favourite Lunch Box Korean BBQ chicken RM12.90...ada ramen, kimchi, bibimbab, raboki, harga from RM3 tol RM16.90....and drink all under RM8

me and bff fara...and kita boleh tulis kat belakang tu tampal2...cool kan..

the Street Cafe memang awesome place to lepak, celebrate birthday, anniversary or dating  or discussion buat assignment feeling kat korea and then bila kita masuk the worker will said Anahae sayo....and bila dah bayar ..kamsa hamida...Korea di Malaysia...

Love Love Love,
Izyan Ismail

Friday, June 8, 2012

Do not be FOOLED by MegaSale

I have made a HUGE mistake which is I shopping at Jusco, yup maybe you all said that "it's okey Jusco also got sale"..BUT not all items you get discount...I went to Jusco yesterday to buy Clinique Cleanser and Moisturisers, so the Clinique girl said to me, if you shop here you will not get discount but if you shop at any PARKSON outlet, you will receive RM10 voucher for each RM100 you buy ...I was like ha????so the malas perempuan pon said..tak apa I beli kat sini je..Silly me..anyway below are the tips for financial management and where you should go to shopping??

1. Parkson of course you get voucher.
2. The Body Shop, they got sale up to 70% until 10th June
3. Starbucks, every Wednesday only for the member entitled to get 50% for the frappucino from 5.00pm till 7.00pm and for every Friday is for all entitled to get discount if you buy frappucino at the same time.
4. ONLY for UiTM student you get 50% discount for Root Beer and Float at A&W just flash our card only at the A&W restaurant Section 7 next to Petronas.
5. FOS warehouse sale at Bandar Bukit Pucong  until 10th June.

FOS Warehouse Sale at Bandar Baru Puchong.

so darling, do not be fooled by all the Mega Sale, think before you buy..it's all about money.
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

Brisbane, Australia the Last Episode Malaysia V Brisbane

This entry will be discuss the different between Malaysia and Brisbane, why I love so much about Brisbane.

1. The people are friendly than Malaysia ..beli sweets 20 cent  pon the cashier said to me "hey love, how are you doing today?"...kalau kat Malaysia "ini jer beli?" selama ni yang terpampang kat TV the tourist said Malaysian are friendly...dia bodek jer kot..
2. the weather just nice!!!
3. They very clean...diorang bukan majority muslim but how can they be so clean.
4. the priamary and secondary student tak rasa tension sebab tak ada exam except A level exam... homework pon sikit... bag pon ringan ...it's all about the kids' creativity, that's why they can organize the Junior Masterchef Australia, because their kids know how to cook..tak macam kat Malaysia, the kids baru masuk dapur mak dah jerit...but not for my mum, I masuk dapur and masak nasi dari darjah 3 thanks Mum..
5. if any citizen or PR further their study in the local university they only pay 10% of the fee.  
6. the politics also different from Malaysia, before they can express anything but they will research first bukan main cakap berdasarkan auta...they talk based on fact and also their knowledge regarding politics is very good than us. 
7. the nutritious foods are very cheap 1L of fresh milk only cost AUD$1 murah sangat!!!!
8. I don't feel afraid if  I walk alone, rasa macam tak ada jenayah sebab memang selamat, tak macam kat Malaysia rasa ada orang nak kidnapped kita je.
9. my face tak ada keluar jerawat langsung, my hair jadi cantik...maybe sebab the weather sejuk ..I was born to stay in Aussie kot..hahahahaha
10. they have Direct factory Outlet...okey sangat suka...
11. the drivers are more discipline rather in Malaysia...why??because if any person want to take driving license, they must fulfil the driving practical for some hours in day and night, so the parent must seat next to them....susah kan sebab kena involve parent, so bila dah susahkan parent dari awal, the parent will ensure they follow all the rules...I hope JPJ will follow their procedure to get the driving license...and wajib pakai seat belt!!!!

and many more...nanti kita add lagi okey..
so enjoy the pic 

our Home in Albany Creek, Brisbane,,ada swimming pool yeay!!

we have a LOT of fun...actually I'm very excited with the nerf ...Ya Allah sangat best okey

before going to school they have time to play game, kalau kat Malaysia muka masam kan nak pergi sekolah, kat sini they very excited to go school, for me their school are awesome...for further information you can visit   the official website Albany Hills State School https://albahillss.eq.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx 

Indian food in Brisbane..butter chicken yummyyy..but Butter chicken kat malaysia lagi sedap!!!

this is their campaign for the State General election of Queensland Australia, the poster is simple but meaningful, and they only put their poster on the day of the election...diorang tak ada perang poster bagai macam kat Malaysia, and if the citizen not go for voting they will be fine. 

it's compulsory for the passenger to use the seat belt...kat Malaysia tak pernah pon...but balik dari Brisbane, I tak pernah miss use the seat belt..

last entry for Brisbane, if I have extra money I'll visit Brisbane again and again...ke nak kerja sana???oh my sangat berangan.
Love Love Love

Izyan Ismail

Brisbane, Australia Episode 4

for the last day before we going back to our home sweet land Malaysia, we went to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast...pantai dia sangat bersih and nampak jer panas actually, the weather just like Cameron Highland...bila angin tiup terasa sejuk...and the water is freezing...so from Brisbane to Gold Coast it takes only for 1 hour...just nice..samapai tengah hari tapi tak terasa pon...and tetiba hujan!!! but kat Aussie, diorang macam tak kisah kalau kena hujan so redah je..kalau kat Malaysia kan kena berpayung sebab air hujan kat Malaysia kotor kot..kat sana bersih...so enjoy the pic..

Chelsea memang suka lompat-lompat ni

I miss Aussie a lot..seriously...and my top from Esprit DFO AUD$12 for only RM36..if in Malaysia the price will be RM229....I'm so crazy with DFO...Brisbane..bila nak datang lagi ni??
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

Brisbane, Australia Episode 3

the next day after I visited Australia Zoo, the Home of crocodile Hunter, kami melawat Mount Coo Tha, macam Cameron Highland but in the modern mood coz memang nampak jelas all the city from the top of the mountain..it's a nice view...surprisingly, I have a bad a very very bad habit which is I always said something buruk la macam ini je tak ada lah cantik sangat Australia ni..it just a joke between me and my family sebab mat Salleh manalah pandai cakap melayu kan..so, bila I kat Mount Coo Tha..keluar je dari kereta adalah seorang pakcik Aussie ni..dia tegur I tanya "Dari Mana?" I was like, am I dreaming???because I just heard mat salleh cakap melayu???owh Man, nasib tak terlepas cakap .... rupanya, dia dah 17 tahun tinggal di Indonesia..no wonder he knows how to speak malay but in loghrat jakarta la...so darlings, don't you ever buat tak senonoh cakap mencarut depan orang putih takut diorang faham..muahahahah...so enjoy the pic...

the white shirt is from Esprit Direct Factory Outlet only cost AUD$10....mana nak dapat Esprit RM30 je..next holiday in Brisbane, I'll bring few clothes je sebab beli kat DFO lagi murah..yeay!!!

 so, the next day we went to the museum..yeay!!!!museum of Brisbane memang tak boring because a lot activity in there..tak macam kat Malaysia tengok pameran jer kan without any activity.

the black stripe top from Cotton On also from DFO only cost AUD$10....I love DFO 

 Australia also have their own dinosaur, kat Malaysia kan tak ada Dinosaur, so they exhibit all the fossil that they found in Queensland ..cool kan..

jigsaw puzzle in the museum..

let become the scientist researching some fossil??

the native's show at Queen St Mall...tengoklah persekitaran sangat Bersih!!!

the West End Community Mosque...masjid ni deret dengan rumah-rumah orang and boleh muat untuk solat Jumaat lebih kurang 100 orang..

tak tahula macam mana boleh tersesat masuk dalam Queensland University sebab the university tak ada pintu gerbang or security guard yang macam kat Malaysia University ni..because diorang mana ada jenayah besar-besaran macam kat Malaysia..in fact kes rogol pon kurang because they practice free sex kan...so jangan nak mengarut minta university u all tak ada pintu gerbang it's all about safety dear....sebab ramai pendatang asing sekarang.....

seriously, bila buat entry ni I miss Australia a LOT..because their people are very friendly!!!! and I love  the weather ...very nice cold...nampak panas bila ada angin tiup mengigil lah gak...
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

Brisbane, Australia Episode 2

this episode I'll share my experience when I visited Australia Zoo the Home of Crocodile Hunter, yup the zoo owned by late Steve Irwin, the host of Crocodile Hunter Show. The zoo is awesome place to visit, and wajib datang jika anda bercuti di Queensland, Australia. we start our journey early in the morning at 8.00 am and we reach around 9.30am..macam dari Shah Alam ke Seremban...
so I only pay AUD$47  for the one day trip plus AUD$2 for visit the wildlife Hospital, yup they have hospital for the animal...I'm using UITM student card and dekwa using his UIA student card...hallo diterima okey...and our parents using the Malaysia Pensioner Card....tersangat la jimat kami ni..

let the pic tell the story of the amazing visit

welcome to the Zoo 

see the "cuak" face...because I ni memang penakut kepada segala binatang..luckily the Aussie Man who wears orange t-shirt, his Nathan (maybe kot nama dia Nathan), his volunteer in the zoo, so he teach me how to pet the Koala...dah la kuku dia tajam kot...P/S: yes, Nathan is handsome...

finally the crocodile Hunter Show, but this guy tak sehebat Steve Irwin..so okey la untuk orang yang nak memberi makanan kepada crocodile yang terlampau besar ni

me with Steve Irwin...and the dress I bought in Direct factory Outlet Cotton On for AUD$10 muahahahaha...kat Malaysia berapa RM49?? kat sini RM30 je...

see, she hold my hand!!!! I love kangaroo because they are very gentle and manja...yeay, saya menjadi berani di Australia Zoo... 

ini Kangaroo tua, so air liur dia meleleh jer..yuksss...but yang muda tak rasa pon ada air liur diorang sedut all the foods..

Rombongan Ck Nah From Malaysia with Love..itu kereta kak Ngah..
cool kan plate number with her name EIZ13... 

the Wild Life Hospital...kesian semua binatang sakit kat sini..

okey any further information please visit.. http://www.australiazoo.com.au/...I think I can be the ambassador of Queensland la...semua nak promote kat sini...
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brisbane,Australia Episode 1

seperti dalam mimpi bila saya bercuti di Brisbane Australia bulan mac lepas, that was awesome holiday, saya bercuti untuk 2 minggu dan ponteng kelas selama 6 hari, and please student don't follow me, if your further in master level, I think you can ponteng but for the udergrad please I advise you dont ponteng-ponteng, because I never ponteng when i was in undergrad level. so what is my budget for this time?
1. Air Asia Return Tix KUL - Gold Coast RM1900
2. daily expenses                  AUD$200 = RM650
                                    total Expenses   = RM 2550

actually in Brisbane I stayed with my cousin Kak Ngah at Albany Creek, so a little bit saving ..yeay!!!muahahaha..kalau tak ada Kak Ngah ingat senang-senang ke nak bercuti di Brisbane...okey in Brisbane, I visit a few places,

1. Brisbane City
2. Australia Zoo (the home of Crocodile Hunter)
3. Mount Coo Tah
4. Direct factory Outlet (the best cheaper outlet ever)
5. Museum of Brisbane
6. Surfers paradise, Gold Coast
7. Albany Hills State School
8. few shopping mall and i already forgot...

so enjoy the pic in Brisbane City

The Casino...cantik building dia kan..tapi hakikatnya tempat cepat kaya and Bankrupt  

Brisbane Concert Orchestra at Queen St. macam kat Pasar Seni la ada banyak jual souvenir   

my Beloved kak Ngah with her kids, abang Brighton and adik Chelsea..I miss you a LOT!!!

 Berpicnic seperti di Negara sendiri...

 at Direct Factory Outlet, semua murah!!!!..what I love this outlet, they have Oakley, Cotton On, Esprit, Corelle, Rip Curl, Roxy and many more!!!! Semua murah...I bought Esprit blouse for only AUD$7 = RM21 mana nak dapat Esprit Blouse for only RM 21 kat Malaysia?? 
To all mothers, they have Corelle for only AUD$59 = RM 180 for half dozen...tell me Its cheaper right...kat Langkawi pon half dozen nearly RM1K eh???

next entry, I will share my experience visit Australia Zoo the Home of Crocodile Hunter...yeay!!!!
Love, Love,Love
Izyan Ismail


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