Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Light, Camera, and Action in Universal Studio Singapore

the exciting place ever to bring your kids or even lovers, friends to have fun, relax, having the adrenaline experience and many more..saya kembali menjadi seorang kanak-kanak yang riang dan lupa segala masalah..I went to USS on February this year, of course during the weekdays ..oleh kerana saya tinggal di Johor Bahru, I've no problem to across the border to Singapore, only one day trip so is very cheap..saya tak bawa bekal, makan kat sana je, but we bring mineral water, so my expenses will be:

1. USS ticket for weekdays                                   SGD $ 68  = RM150
2. return bus ticket from larkin-jurong east-larkin                     = RM   5
3.MRT, Sentosa Express                                      SGD $10   = RM 20
4. lunch at Far Far Away USS (halal Foods)         SGD $12   = RM 36
5. souvenir (t-Shirt)                                               SGD $26   = RM 52
total expenses plus minus                                       SGD $116  = RM 263

but, for me, minus the USS ticket coz ayah sponsor,,,yeay!!! but kena belanja Alif...okey kakak yang berhati Mulia, we went there with Dekwa...enjoy the pic 

for further information please visit
rasa macam nak pergi lagi..and yes the best ride of course Transformers Ride, the fighting between megatron and Optimus Prime, the best part when we fall from 100 storey building...memang awesome!!! I advised  you to visit the USS on weekdays, so you don't have to wait with longgggggg longgggg queue...

Love, Love,Love
Izyan Ismail

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