Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEST Korean Restaurant...

surprisingly my post regarding resepi Kimchi  mencecah 10K viewers....okey so many people love KPOP ..and accept the Korean Popular Culture..and me too!!!so I'll share the best Korean Restaurant is The Street Cafe ..this is the amazing place..why?

1. bila u masuk je terus dengar muzik KPOP..cool
2. susun atur meja cantik
3. FREE Wifi
4. the worker from Korea
5. the food is awesome and don't worry it's pork free
6. if you all pergi time nak tutup kedai dalam 11.00pm..nanti terjumpa lah owner restaurant ni also from Korea and seriously memang handsome!!!!...

as usual enjoy the pic....

The Street cafe ni depan taylors college...and another franchise at Sunway Pyramid...

inside the cafe...boleh duduk atas kerusi or bersila..but I love bersila...feeling korea..

maps street cafe..

my favourite Lunch Box Korean BBQ chicken RM12.90...ada ramen, kimchi, bibimbab, raboki, harga from RM3 tol RM16.90....and drink all under RM8

me and bff fara...and kita boleh tulis kat belakang tu tampal2...cool kan..

the Street Cafe memang awesome place to lepak, celebrate birthday, anniversary or dating  or discussion buat assignment feeling kat korea and then bila kita masuk the worker will said Anahae sayo....and bila dah bayar ..kamsa hamida...Korea di Malaysia...

Love Love Love,
Izyan Ismail

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