Friday, June 8, 2012

Brisbane, Australia Episode 4

for the last day before we going back to our home sweet land Malaysia, we went to Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast...pantai dia sangat bersih and nampak jer panas actually, the weather just like Cameron Highland...bila angin tiup terasa sejuk...and the water is from Brisbane to Gold Coast it takes only for 1 hour...just nice..samapai tengah hari tapi tak terasa pon...and tetiba hujan!!! but kat Aussie, diorang macam tak kisah kalau kena hujan so redah je..kalau kat Malaysia kan kena berpayung sebab air hujan kat Malaysia kotor kot..kat sana enjoy the pic..

Chelsea memang suka lompat-lompat ni

I miss Aussie a lot..seriously...and my top from Esprit DFO AUD$12 for only RM36..if in Malaysia the price will be RM229....I'm so crazy with DFO...Brisbane..bila nak datang lagi ni??
Love Love Love
Izyan Ismail

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