Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brisbane,Australia Episode 1

seperti dalam mimpi bila saya bercuti di Brisbane Australia bulan mac lepas, that was awesome holiday, saya bercuti untuk 2 minggu dan ponteng kelas selama 6 hari, and please student don't follow me, if your further in master level, I think you can ponteng but for the udergrad please I advise you dont ponteng-ponteng, because I never ponteng when i was in undergrad level. so what is my budget for this time?
1. Air Asia Return Tix KUL - Gold Coast RM1900
2. daily expenses                  AUD$200 = RM650
                                    total Expenses   = RM 2550

actually in Brisbane I stayed with my cousin Kak Ngah at Albany Creek, so a little bit saving ..yeay!!!muahahaha..kalau tak ada Kak Ngah ingat senang-senang ke nak bercuti di Brisbane...okey in Brisbane, I visit a few places,

1. Brisbane City
2. Australia Zoo (the home of Crocodile Hunter)
3. Mount Coo Tah
4. Direct factory Outlet (the best cheaper outlet ever)
5. Museum of Brisbane
6. Surfers paradise, Gold Coast
7. Albany Hills State School
8. few shopping mall and i already forgot...

so enjoy the pic in Brisbane City

The Casino...cantik building dia kan..tapi hakikatnya tempat cepat kaya and Bankrupt  

Brisbane Concert Orchestra at Queen St. macam kat Pasar Seni la ada banyak jual souvenir   

my Beloved kak Ngah with her kids, abang Brighton and adik Chelsea..I miss you a LOT!!!

 Berpicnic seperti di Negara sendiri...

 at Direct Factory Outlet, semua murah!!!!..what I love this outlet, they have Oakley, Cotton On, Esprit, Corelle, Rip Curl, Roxy and many more!!!! Semua murah...I bought Esprit blouse for only AUD$7 = RM21 mana nak dapat Esprit Blouse for only RM 21 kat Malaysia?? 
To all mothers, they have Corelle for only AUD$59 = RM 180 for half dozen...tell me Its cheaper right...kat Langkawi pon half dozen nearly RM1K eh???

next entry, I will share my experience visit Australia Zoo the Home of Crocodile Hunter...yeay!!!!
Love, Love,Love
Izyan Ismail

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