Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lover or bestfriend??

This entry is written with sincerely from the bottom of my half broken heart...yet not fully damage.. It's not about one man and one woman... This related with girls bestfriend forever.. Yup, BFF katanya... Anyway i just don't know how to many hearts to care...

Okey maybe will start with me.. When i've boyfrien i never abondoned my fact l love make them (boyfriend and friends) meet together.. Like makan2 lepak2 and so many... My ex pon dulu kenal all my friends.. But for the first time he really don't like to hang out with my friends...privacy katanya...but i said to him, my life is not all about you i've friends who will take care of me if you are not please do be friend with my friend or just make them like you...that is my principe...maybe some might said it's too much kan...but for me macam .... if i break dengan you and i xada kawan sebab masa i bercinta dengan you i lupakan kawan2 i yg i dah lama kenal ... My mum always said if you maried you still need your friends to support you or sharing experience ... Yup in Islam if you married, the women must take care her relationship towards Allah, Rasul, Husband and yourself...even your parents cannot masuk campur in your marriage kan.... But be realistic woman, some part in your life you do need your girlfriend to gain support and sharing your experience... Okey la just simple example like breastfeeding..your husband don't know how hard or painful it is when the first time you breast feed your baby kan... You do need support from your girlfriend and how to solve the problem regarding this breastfeeding issue... Even my mum once a week my dad give permission to let her having minum2 with her friend.... Plus, my friends also introduce me with thier boyfriend and we also lepak2 together... Maybe i live with the surrounding like that ..just let me introduce you my boyfriend so we can hang out together , nanti bila kahwin tak adalah segan nak datang rumah kau kan... Just simple like that.. For me a real man would not worry or jealous with your girl because you know how much your girl in love with man please jangan nak jealous sangat unless you feel insecure towards your girl....

The heart broken part is, when your bff macam abondoned you sebab dia dah ada boyfriend baru...hahahah i know it just like remeh temeh kan, but some how it's really make me sad because you are my bff and why you behave like that?? Yup, you have said to me that nanti kahwin you have to obey with your husband...but i'm your bff though, what i need is just like we having lepak2 together but not like dulu2 when you single... I understand you have boyfriend u want to have date with him in every single free time you have... Maybe some people would said that i'm jealous with a big NO!! I'm happy with her in fact i cannot wait to be her bridesmaid and help her planning in her wedding.... Okey i don't want to make assumption that u'r boyfriend dont like me...but being human sometimes terfikir jugak kan... Anyway to my bff i'm still u'r bestfriend forever, i'm happy if your happy if you need help or support i'm yours ....

Love and hugs
Izyan Ismail

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