Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Officially a Master Graduate!!

My runaway stage after 2 years hardwork.

Alhamdulillah, after 2 years full of hardwork, tears, sweat, fun, backstab, loves, crushes, joy, frienemy(friend+enemy)..officially I'm a Master graduate!!! Thanks Allah for the greatest gift.. I never imagine I will finish my master at the age of 25!!! Muda sangat ni.... Enjoy the pic of of my graduation day.. 

Happy BIG family.

My parent with their Double trouble.

Thanks to my family for the loves, never ending support, financial of course, my number 1 fans, my soul, my everything.. My parent is the only human on earth who understand me, they never judge me, they know how stubborn I am, they really know when I upset, when I'm happy and of course when I need money... Thanks for everything and for always support what I'm doing and also always proud of me as your daughter, I love all of you very much.. 

My loves bff tagaya and glamm mama adrin... (And also my awesome sis huda)

Not forget to my bff azaria tagaya, glamm mama adrin and my sayang huda, thanks for your support, life experience, time, space ( especially for adriana and family for their kindness giving us a space to do our assignment and treat me as a part of the family, thank you very much) ... Well said, we have face a lot of things, from backstabbers, 24 hours not sleep becuse of assignment, facing the frienemy of course, our awesome krabi patty trips, and all the joy, fun, tears working together as one team.. I never imagine,I've found someone special who loves me just the way I am during my journey as a master student.. I love all of you very much.. 

Its not too late, to have a dream and make it reality, we have so many talents that we not realise until we facing some challenge or problem.. I thought, I only get a scroll of master but I've gain something more precious which are life experiences and lovely friends.. Its make you stronger, you know what you want in your life, you become more careful, do not easily trust anybody and the most important is you have to believe that you can do it and be positive.

Never let anybody control your life because its your journey so you are the one who control your life.

Yan Ismail

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