Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hijab fashion for beach holiday.

I love beach!!! 
I love swimming
I love snorkeling 
I love the sands
I love holiday at beach 
BUT.. How to wear proper hijab so that we can protect our aurat??

There are some hijab fashion tips that I prefer for beach holiday. 
1. Of course it must cover my aurat. 
2. Comfy, I don't like wearing jeans at the beach.
3. No layers please.. If cardigan I would accepted but too much layer sampai panas is not my style.
4. Loose fitting ... Only at the beach I tak suka pakai ketat :) 
5. Not too much accessories. 

Let me show you some of my pictures for beach holiday, I'm not a hijabista so don't expect me to wear like  Dian Pelangi!!

I'm wearing turban and scarf to cover my neck, cardigan and dress.

I'm wearing shawl, t-shirt, cardigan and printed Aladdin pants (yes I do swimming with this outfit, not a big deal because shirt kat dalam and Aladdin pants will not pull up so it can cover your body) 

I'm wearing shawl, long sleeve tops, and jeans ( please don't wear jeans, you will regret like me) 

I really adore Natasha Hudson's hijab fashion. She knows what to wear and of course the outfit must cover her aurat. 

Her swimsuit with the turban as accessories is super hijabista and trendy. 

I really love her turban, very chic and modern!!

Owh yes, I also love Dian Pelangi casual wears, she is very talented in designing the hijab fashion. 
The palazzo looks very comfy.

I love her tops.

I love her tops and long skirt.

Nice hat to wear at the beach.

Her new design "sailor" tops. 

So, to my dear muslim girls, it's not a problem to cover our aurat while you enjoy your holiday at beach. Try to choose comfy long sleeve tops and palazzo or long skirt. For swimwear try to choose maximum cover and you also can wear it with turban to look more trendy. 

Happy holiday.

Yan Ismail

P/S: the pics credit to Natasha Hudson and Dian Pelangi instagram. 

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