Thursday, June 6, 2013

Love letter for you..

Dear Man,

1. What I need is a man not a boy who think he can.
2. I think I'm too much caring about you but you ignoring me.
3. Actually I know What you did But you think I don't know.. It's called women instincts. So you better honest, because I already know the truth when I ask you the question.
4. Women's heart is really fragile, when its broken it will become too strong to knock in.
5. Its just a simple love and caring.
6. I know when you just not into me but some how I just ignore it because I believe if I give a try you might consider it. How stupid I am.
7. Please don't come to me when I'm happy with my partner. 
8. I really hate of ignorance, please be honest because I can handle it.
9. Sometimes I feel I'm your second option, and its really hurt me.

I know sometimes you think I'm not serious, but I do hope one day you know how much you meant to me, and hopefully I will meet a man who appreciate me just the  way I am. 

Love is Blind, and the Blind is you
Yan Ismail

P/S: Please Don't keep me waiting because you know I will... Both of us know our relationship is really complicated because you make it so. 

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