Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Potpourri

I decided to make potpourri from 2 bouquet of flowers that I get from my graduation day. The bouquet contain of lily, lavender, daisy, rose and some flowers that I don't know the name. And also my monster teddy bear!! 

First of all I cabut the teddy bear from the bouquet.

Then, I just let the flower dry by itself in my room about 1 month.

So what you need for a DIY potpourri is a clear vase, I bought it from  Hinodae shop for only RM5.

Next, Carefully I unwrap all the wrapper, one by one so I can recycle it for another DIY project. 

Finally, I've so many colorful wrappers from the 2 bouquet of flowers. 

I pick and choose flowers yg okey boleh untuk potpourri , the flowers that infected with fungus, I just throw away. Tadaaa... My DIY potpourri, its full of lavender, rose and daisy.. Lily cannot be use because  it too dry and dah tak cantik. 

Just a simple steps to make DIY potpourri, so if I get another bouquet (harapan nak dapat) I can turn it into potpourri. 

Yan Ismail

P/S: someone miss me, tanya bila I nak datang KL? Nanti I turun eh. :) 



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