Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to 2012

2012 is such a great year for many things I've done for the whole incredible. unexpected an I'm admit I never plan what I will do for 2012... I just follow my heart and considering what I want and need in my life.. so here is my Highlight for 2012!!

The end of part 2 for my many things happen.. I realise so many douchebag in my life, I thought they are my friends..BUT certainty not coz mereka sangat suka tikam belakang sebab Markah?? so girls.. careful with u'r girlfriend of course maybe they look so sweet but they are PRETENDING... from the amazing black disgusting incident ... I already know who is really my friend..=)

I went to USS with my super crazy brothers... it was incredible super awesome vacation!!! more story you can click here

1.  I went to Brisbane and Gold Coast for 2 weeks!! and of course I ponteng class for 2 weeks hehehehe.. in love with Brisbane..I love the people, weather, interesting place, foods, and many more!!!.. more amazing stories you can click here...ada 4 parts, so many things I want to share hehehe....

My birthday of course!!!! saya sudah 24 tapi masih muda...

For the first time and my housemate Zetty organize a preloved!!!..we sell everything from top to toe..and Alhamdulillah I get RM350 from selling my bags, shoes, dresses, bottom, tops and etc..yeay!!! so boleh organize lagi kot!!

something BIG happen to my boyfie!!!! he has been hit by some Malay Man at SACC mall parking lot!!!! Alhamdullilah, since then I know who is really my friends who help me manage the BIG crisis.. thanks to Huda, Najmi, Ada, Nurul, Boyfriend Ada, Syawal and Foo for being there... and my kak long kawasan yg sangat gangster and cool on that night..I'm impress with u u so much...

two days after the boyfie being hit.. I went to Krabi with my sayangs Huda, Tagaya and the Glamm mama Adriana... more awesome sexy stories u can click here 

Ramadhan and Syawal...spend time with bestfriend fara ...berbuka di Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar...and noting much happen in August...and Raya with the BIG family...also some family drama...we hate family drama but we have to face it... just face the fact that we are MALAY ...kalau kaya orang dengki kalau miskin orang hina... such a pathetic minded typical person..

Family trip at Langkawi..yeay... I don't know I just love the small family I have... it's just more than enough with 4 members in our small familly..I've been blessed everyday!!!...

struggling with my thesis!!! nak termuntah shocking pink electri's all about thesis... everyday I went to ipsis UiTM office nak siapkan thesis...and when ada orang tanya nanti terus sambung PhD kan?? I terus cakap nak rehat jadi normal person baru boleh sambung...stress aku!!!

My bestfriend fara engaged with her lovers Adi... I'm very happy with my BFF ...Insya Allah her wedding will be held on May this year...and of course she choose me as her Made of Honour..Yeay!!!!..

1. For the first time  I went to watch the footbal match between Malaysia and Indonesia.. thanks to my schoolmate and dormmate from SAMURA ajak pergi tengok at Stadium Bukit Jalil....I'm a happy girl

2.Alhamdulillah I've completed my thesis for Master... the dateline is 12.12.12...nice number and good number.. I told my supervisor "nasib baik saya tak nikah masa tarikh ni Prof"... yes..I'm married with my thesis..

3. Wedding Reunion....hehehehe..teruk perangai kan..buat reunion kat wedding orang ..sungguh bijak itu budak Samura specifically dorm Pujeng 7

Pujeng 7 Version 2012 

Buruk perangai pengantin kat Belakang.... =)

Thanks 2012 for giving me opportunity, loves, good lessons, first time experiences and many more!!!. and conclusion.. for the first time I don't have BOYFRIEND or LOVER for the whole 2012!!! But I enjoy my single life and I love it...I'm not a pathetic single ladies Insya Allah... my wish and hope for 2013..I don't have a plan!!! just follow the heart..but I think insya Allah I'll find new lover...confident Izyan welcome 2013!!!

Izyan Ismail

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