Sunday, February 13, 2011

malas pergi kedai makan lagi...

yup, sekarang dah malas nak pergi kedai makan lagi terutama restoran Gold Chili di SS15 ...sebab I dah pandai masak Chicken Boneless Buttermilk..yummy senang sangat masak ...habis licin Buttermilk Chicken dimakan oleh mama,ayah and Alif...

kalau di Gold Chilli Rm10.50...boleh jimat banyak if masak sendiri ok..

and the best part, I can bake Red Velvet Cake...yummy..hohohoho after this xnak makan red velvet kat luar yang terlebih manis, because i suka topping dia cheesy not very sweet macam cake house bake..and my cake is very moist with the cheesy topping and rasa chcocolate a bit sour, sweet ..oh my it's heaven..besides modal only RM50 but if u buy 1KG cake..lebih kurang i can bake anytime..mama and alif love it so much..ayah too..but ayah prefer my moist chocolate cake with chocolate topping ..yummy..okey demok shut up...=P

every cake house they will sale RM13.50 per slice...jimatkan bila sudah pandai bake sendiri..

after this i can save my money for other things macam beli buku...or kumpul duit for my PHD...muahhhaha...semester 1 master pon belum habis yer Izyan...yup, i can bake my favorite food now..Alhamdulillah...

Izyan Ismail
P/S: after this i nak try kuih buah melaka, and homemade chocolate..but I'm in the programme The Biggest diet and work out..

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