Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teater Terima Kasih Cinta..and some cat fight..

hi my darlings..yup i know the show just finish lash week and only now, i have time to review the theater...biasalah student..lots of pressure, test, assignments..and dah tua-tua nih banyak effort to put for the test i get FREE ticket from Angah (my cousin)..he got from his friend who work in the production yeay!!thank you very much to both of you...

i love my leg it look very skinny but my upper body..okey Izyan work harder..

so this is the guy who is very kind and handsome that gave me the free ticket..thanks angah..and ops his already taken yo....

the free ticket cost RM180..and the view, i give 5 stars..

yup, we all know teater terima Kasih Cinta adaptasi from filem Cinta...and if i cry watching the film so samalah dengan i watch the show..yup menangis walaupun bajet cool depan angah...peduli apa dah sedih totally best ..but I'm not bias because this is my first theater i ever watch so i asked angah best ker teater Terima kasih cinta? and he said it's memang bestlah kan..sebab Angah ni pon orang teater juga...the set was big and totally freak out sebab sangat besar okey..i love when every couple have their own colors...the songs was awesome and i love when Farahdiya menyanyi...Oh Memang Gila sangat best totally outrageous...

sekarang nih tengah sibuk dengan cat fight between Deja Moss and Farahdiya, Norish karman..patutlah masa sesi bertemu peminat Deja Moss tak ada..yang ada cuma Norish Karman, Farahdiya, Diddy, Sarjijy, and Tony Yusof...but for me i don't even care u want to fight or what..u play the drama girls..i paid and u must entertain us..besides best kan bila kita lihat Melodi...TV3 got money and we got entertained, so do i enter u'r privacy life??u reveal it and we happy to know..yup, it look very cruel..but today audience is not your fans anymore..they want you to entertain whatever want you to do babe..we don't smart we are to my darlings, if you want to become artist or whatsoever just make sure you have bila dah tak laku tak adalah sampai tua berlakon kan...agak-agak tak laku tuh cepat-cepatlah apply mana-mana kerja ..cheers ladies..

Izyan Ismail
P/S: happy for Yuna because she move to LA for good..anyway for the indie artist my advice to you get your labeled out there...

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